Saturday, 10 August 2013

How to check my content is duplicate

Bismillah Hir-Rahman Nir-Rahim.
Start with the name of Allah the most merciful and the most beneficent. Everyone wants to know that is their content is duplicate or not. Blog author always try to give unique content to its visitors, but sometimes your keywords match with other blog contents and, then we get in a big trouble because if Google found that your blog content is duplicate, then it will remove your blog from their search engine and disable Google ads from your blog or if you make your blog from blogger, so it will also block your blog. Now you know that how important to check your content.

What is Duplicate Content:

For example: you write a content on any topic and you wrote a suitable keywords related to your topic and when you published your content and then your content keywords matching with other blog content keywords called Duplicate Content. I wrote this example for the beginners, although  every experience author know that what is duplicate content.

Why we check our content is duplicate:

You should check that your content is not matching to other content. If your content topic is matching with others, then not to worry. Yea, but if your keywords are matching to other content then you have to worry because Google and other blog providing service gives you a blog to explore unique content not for duplicate content. Duplicate content helps you banned your blog, helps in disable Google Ads from your blog, helps you in blocked your blog from search engines and helps in everything which harmful for your blog. But what we have to do? From where we check our content is duplicate or not? So the answer is just read this article till end and you will get your questions answers.

Duplicate content checking site:

There are thousands of sites which helps in check your content is duplicate or not. You don't have to check your content from all the duplicate content sites because I am going to suggest the best and reliable duplicate content checking site that I also use. That is Plagspotter.
Go to the link.
Paste the URL of your content.
Then you know which keywords is matching with other blog contents and then kindly change those keywords which are matching and then again check it, do the same again and again till your match content source is less than 20%.

Last Words:

Hope you easily understood that how to check duplicate content and if you still is in trouble then simply paste your problem in comment  box. Blog author will give you your problem solution soon.

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