Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Which template can I use for my blog?

 السلام عليكم my friends today's topic is that which type of template should you use for your blog? It is very important question in blogging. It's being very good for you that you spend one minute of yours in reading this article. If your blog template is simple to use and reliable for the visitors so they should attract to your blog.
Many people ask me that should they use blogger provided templates and this is a very famous question. So, I have simply answer that it dose not necessary that template only seems attractive from outside, it should attractive from inside too. In starting many of blog author maintain their blog simple and their blog speed has been also good, but after some time they add too much of widgets on their blog and their blog become starting lag. So I advice to them that only use important widgets like:
  • Popular post widget.
  • Subscribe to our blog.
  • Facebook like box.
  • Add me to your circle.
  • Labels widget.
  • Archive widget.
  • Join this site widget. 
  • You might also like widget
I think its good enough for a blog.

Blogger template is commonly designed for using HTML, CSS, Javascript and programming with XML and all templates are based on these programming languages. Every articles are based on these codes you can also easily understood these codes. You also able to do editing with this codes for example:
Changing font-style, font-weight, font-size, headings, making font bold, italic, underline, strike, changing font-color, background-color, making links, changing image height, width, adding bullet list, block quotes, etc. You can also make your own templates but it's being hard, but don't worry I'll provide the best templates.
You can find every good templates from here. 

Templates main code:

 <title>Title Area</title>
CSS Area
Javascript Area
HTML area

Okay now lets talk about which template can I use?

Which Template Can I Use For My Blog???

  • Simple blogger template.
  • SEO optimized template.
  • Ads supporter template.

Simple blogger template:

You should use a simple blogger template, simple template means that have simple background, easy to use. Every experience blog author will suggest you a simple template because blog visitors like this type of templates.

SEO optimized template:

SEO optimized template means that in which all headings are properly set and have meta tags etc. If you find any simple blog template and you like that most and if that template isn't SEO optimized so don't worry. You also able to do changes to that template for better SEO. SEO optimized template will help you to increase your blog page rank (PR).

Ads support template:

If you making a blog and you have a lots of traffic on your blog then you try to make money by your blog so you apply for different ads and you also apply for Google ads(adsense) and if your account is deactivated by Google ads. So your template is also one reason for this. So also use Ads support template.


I hope you get too much knowledge about blogger templates and hope now no question will open that which template can I use for my blog? Also remember this things and then choose or select blogger template.
If you have any suggestion about templates so please type that suggestion in a comment box.

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